For the majority of society, transgender reality is the most unknown of the consonants that make up the LGTBIQ movement. This lack of knowledge is manifested in the scarcity of studies and data on the needs of the trans* group.

Difficulties in many cases begin at the moment when a transsexual person, to a greater extent women, decide to begin their bodily reassignment towards their gender identity. At that moment a process begins that makes them visible as “different” from their environment. For many of them it means embarking on a complete biographical rupture (family, academic, geographical) which in many cases implies difficulties in terms of access to formal education, increasing the difficulties in finding employment and a complete social fit.

From the Barcelona Erotic Salon we defend the social recognition of all genres. The identities of people are very varied, to think that gender is binary (man-woman) does not respond to reality. What is real is that there are people who do not fit into this imposed binarism. There are genderqueer people, transgenders, transsexuals, crossdressers, gender-neutral people, fluid gender. . . Just because they’re not visible doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And it’s time to give them as much visibility as we can. It’s time for all of us to feel free.