Swingers Zone

In the swinger area of Barcelona Erotic Show, couples with curiousity about this sexual practice may be informed and practice about world of swingers.

In Spain, the world of swinging, popularly known as liberal atmosphere, began in the early 70’s, mainly the city of Barcelona.

Today, this tendency continues to boom and our city is still leading the movement, that sticks to its main essence, showing the highest respect among all members and where everyone (or each couple), participates voluntarily to their own limits (previously established). Nobody must force any situation, everything must happen in an environment of complete and total acceptance.

Obviously, an event like the Barcelona Erotic Show, must have a representation of this liberal tendency.

On 4, 5, 6 and 7 October will be held in Barcelona on EROTIC LOUNGE, a great event that will have an exclusive swinger area for couples that will have an área with 120 sqm and within which we can develop all type of activities of the swinger environment:

  • shows swingers
  • workshops

Note: Entry restricted to couples
Note: Intimate and friendly atmosphere

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