Activities and Competitions:

  • Erotic Magic by Ivan Asenjo
  • Pole Dance Official Competition SEB2017 organized by Exoticum (Sunday 8 October afternoon)
  • Contest Wet T-shirts
  • Mister Gallumbos
  • In search of the new ‘Magic Mike’
  • Quizumba dance
  • Body Paint
  • Body Suspensions, Performaces and BDSM
  • FoodTrucks (every day) & Live Music (Friday and Saturday concerts)
  • Trweking Contest
  • Erotic Fashion Parade of Apasionada (Saturday 7 October 8pm)
  • Erotic Fashion Parade of Lilith Accesories (Saturday 7 October 9.30pm)
  • Erotic Fashion Show by Alicia Kabana (every day)
  • Competitions of the 25th Anniversary Barcelona Erotic Show

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