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Regulations for media accreditation application SEB

The deadline to apply for press credentials is 25th of september 2018.

To facilitate the process of accreditation of all journalists, the Barcelona Erotic Show 2017 management establishes the following rules:

  1. The accreditation is not transferable.
  2. Each application for accreditation must be accompanied by a letter signed by the director of the media, with the letterhead or logo of the media, proving the journalist to cover the show.
    Such a letter can be sent by e-mail to:
  3. The accreditation form is NOT valid without confirmation, neither gives access, in any case, the fair grounds. Every journalist must be accredited must complete a form (one journalist, not by media).
  4. Please arrange with enough time the application for accreditation.
  5. Will not be accepted applications from freelance professionals who are not recognized accrediting a recognized media.
  6. The Barcelona Erotic Show management reserves the right to deny press accreditation if there is any justification for the decision.


  • Will not be accredited any media without prior request.
  • Each authorized person must complete the application form for accreditation.
  • 1 form per person accredited.

Press Contact:

Application form for Press Accreditations

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