EXTASIA in Barcelona Erotic Show:

In the Barcelona Erotic Show you can enjoy erotic and ecstatic shows, and different conferences about this millenary practice. Learn and explore more about the practice of tantric eroticism.

  1. Ecstatic tantric erotic Show
    • A space of sacred sensuality, poetry and divine harmony in which you discover the magic of feminine art and the secrets of tantric tradition.
  2. Art and the art of seduction
    • Be fascinating, magnetic, charismatic is not a gift, but is a choice.
  3. The language of love – interactive talk
    • You discover how to use in your life the enigmatic power of symbols related to sexuality, eroticism and love.
    • We invite you to travel in space and time to have access to authentic knowledge of Tantra.
  4. Conscious Love – Experiential workshop
    • To those who aspire to have a dutiful, transforming and happy relationship.
    • A opportunity to learn and assimilate the basic principles of tantric love conscious, based on divine laws of existence.
  5. Rituals woman worship
    • It is a transformative practice of adoration and transfiguration that helps them raise self-esteem and tasty, intense and sacred sensuality.
  6. Tips and private consultations
    • Individual sessions with coaches of the tantric knowledge.
    • Answers practices related to life, with love and tantric art.
  7. Films
    • A space dedicated to film art and beauty. Revolutionary erotic films, a new path in filmmaking: the mystical eroticism.