Erotic massages: workshops and demonstrations

A unique experience. A journey into the world of exoticism and fantasy, in an atmosphere that will give you  wellness for your body and your soul.


During the 4 days of the SEB the public will be able to enjoy and learn from the different erotic massage workshops, which will take place the SEXLCASS ROOM and in different areas of the event.

Workshops on:

  • Erotic massage to Woman / Man
  • Genital Massage to Male / Female
  • Anal Massage to Male / Female
  • Sexological Bodywork

All of them with live demonstration.

All the workshops that will be taught in the SEB have benefits for the mind, body and sexuality:

  • Increase sexual ity
  • Experience more pleasure
  • Having, controlling, prolonging and intensifying orgasms
  • Control male ejaculation
  • Explore female ejaculation
  • Enjoy anal sex
  • Increase sexual desire
  • Increase erection
  • Relax, eliminate stress
  • Understand past experiences
  • Live experiences
  • Feeling unconditional love
  • Detect patterns of behavior
  • Please more to the couple
  • Feeling more fullness / well-being in general
  • Understanding sex as a path of self-awareness