Bodypainting Contest

At SEB we attach great importance to erotic art in all its expressions and therefore we organize a Bodypainting Contest where bodypainting artists can participate and demonstrate their skills by drawing the human body. The contest will be held live on Friday afternoon, the 5th. Once the painting is done, the models will parade showing the art on their bodies. 
Competition timetable: from 16h to 22h (parade will be from 21. 30 to 22. 00h)


1st prize: 300 euros
2nd prize: 200 euros


Conditions to participate: send an email to carla@saloneroticodebarcelona. com with the data (put in the subjectparticipation in the Bodypainting competition“)

Applicants will be notified via email if their registration is accepted.

  • Real name and surname
  • Artistic name
  • ID
  • Email address
  • Mobile contact
  • Name and surname of the model@ companion
  • Photography with publication rights of any bodypainting work done
  • Profiles of the artist’s social networks

Competition day: 5 October 2018 (from 4 pm to 10 pm)
Date of registration: until 23rd September
Vall d’Hebron Olympic Pavilion
Passeig Vall d’Hebron, 166-176
08035 Barcelona

Other conditions: The artists/models who are accepted in the competition will enter the venue free of charge (maximum 15 contestants).

Competition rules:

  • Aimed at: bodypainting artists: painters, gasfitters, make-up artists, etc.
  • The subject matter is free.
  • Participants, models and assistants must be of legal age.
  • Each participant must bring his/her own model.
  • Participants can take part in the competition individually or in a group of 2 people. Individual participants may have only 1 assistant and those who participate in a group of 2 people may not have an assistant.
  • Contestants, assistants or models may not leave the competition area
  • Competitors must bring the elements to work with (brushes, sponges, etc), and the corresponding make-up to be done in Bodypainting.
  • It is allowed to prepare the hairstyle, headdress or appliques of the model before the beginning of the contest.
  • The model may remain naked and/or wear a thong or triangle.
  • The model cannot paint herself/himself.
  • Access by other assistants such as hairdressers, costume designers, etc. is not allowed.
  • At the end of the time allotted for Bodypainting, competitors must stop working immediately and the models are not allowed to be touched again until they are evaluated by the jury.
  • Prizes will be awarded only to the winners present at the awards ceremony, just after the parade.
  • When they finish, competitors shall leave their work area clean before retiring.
  • If there are any problems or inconveniences during the competition, the contestants must inform the organization’s staff.
  • All photographs and videos taken of the event and of the models and participants will become part of the organization, having all rights reserved in terms of publication and use. Parades could be videotaped by the Organization for later dissemination on social networks.
  • All participants, models and assistants must present their ID card at the time of entry to participate and sign that they accept the rules and conditions of the contest.
  • Allowed Elements: – Prosthetics and decorative materials – Fake nails and eyelashes – Character-specific contact lenses – Character-related clothing – Wigs or headgear and fake hair
  • Participants have 5 hours to do Bodypainting
  • The jury will evaluate the work during the parade, where all the models will be on parade. The parade will take place at 9. 30pm and the winner will be announced immediately after the parade.
  • The public attending the parade may be asked to rate it
  • The decisions of the jury are final.