Sex Art

A space to explore other ways of feeling, enjoy and live sex with art. An expression of our ways of understanding and show life. Photography, illustration, sound installations, performances, body suspensions, presentation of audiovisual materials … a new dimension in the Barcelona Erotic Show. A meeting point for art lovers, for people who enjoy without taboos.

Cristina Almirall

EXHIBITION in SEB2017: Lla ves

Lla ves opens a door to the real world. The one we find on the streets and in the most private side of our lives. It is a debate between what we see and what we are.
We settle down in a space that concentrates the new model of digital consumerism that is present in our daily life. We are surrounded by screens with information, data, images, etc. and if we could take a while to analyse that in detail, we would probably think that it is exceeding the regular moral conventions.
Which are those conventions, those limits for each individual? What do we consider obscene?
Moreover, it pushes us to feel identified with those intimate and sexual points, the joy and the pleasure; with what does not fit with the socially accepted parameters.
We are bombarded 24/7 with violent, sexual images that violate people’s privacy, although they do not really fit with human being’s pleasure.
Lla ves is a reflection on how we feel in front of these public spaces and what awakens deep inside us about individual and collective freedom. Will there be enough keys to open all these taboos?

Manuel Carot

The first collaboration came in the late 90’s by making comics for the porn site “Sexole”, then there would come a time of illustration of role plays to return to porn with series such as “university”, “bones and screws” for the magazine Kiss comix . The theme x was abandoned and began a long period where all the energy was concentrated in creating own series and in collaboration with other scriptwriters for the Franco-Belgian market, series that have been edited in the United States, Canada, the South American market, for all Europe, China and Japan.

The last stage has been marked by the gradual abandonment of the pencil and the discovery of the art of tattooing and painting, recovering in this last discipline the passion for the erotic, for PORNOGRAPHY.

EXHIBITION in SEB2017: #proyectorgasmo


Born in San Sebastian, Spain in 1973. He studied in different schools of art and design in Spain and the United Kingdom. He graduated as Higher Technician of Plastic Arts and Design in Applied Arts to the Wall at the School of Art Massana of Barcelona in Barcelona. Year 2003.
He has worked very different techniques that go from the drawing in all its modalities to the mural painting to the mill, the sgraffito, the stucco, as well as altarpieces and stained glass windows through acrylic painting, watercolors, collage and any imaginable form to capture his perception Of the world or whatever it was in such supports.

EXHIBITION in SEB2017: Eros and Us

Damian Pissarra (Argentino/Portugués) –

Young multidisciplinary creator, whose need for artistic experimentation and search for a proper language leads to a personal style and different, which is visible in all areas in which he develops his work.


Maribel Andrés

Multifaceted artist who moves mainly in the field of painting, but also the tattoo and in the photography, in front of or behind the camera.

With her paintings, Maribel Andrés shows that pornography and art are not incompatible.

Antoni Areny 

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Totó Sibio

Antonio “Totó” Sibio Dara was born in Italy, but much of his life was spent in Argentina, where he started training in the iron world, working as an apprentice in metal workshops and forging with true blacksmiths. Since then, he has been engaged in this activity professionally.
He was always passionate about creating figures with scraps of iron because they inspired him and evoked different forms and began to create different objects, both functional and decorative. In Buenos Aires participated in some exhibitions, in collaboration with an artist and sculptor, obtaining great acceptance.

Since 2001 he lives in Logroño and it is here were he found the inspiration to re-experience in the field of sculptures.



The exhibition is dedicated to the Catalan photographer, Joan Crisol. All photographs in the sample belong to the book “Bel Ami Rebels” by Bel Ami (Ed. Bruno Gmunder 2012).

About Joan Crisol

Joan Crisol (Barcelona 1974), studied photography at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia. He has collaborated for publications in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Argentina, Brazil and Australia. He has also worked as a cinematographer on more than 50 music video clips. He currently resides in Madrid.

About Bel Ami

Bel Ami is one of the most important gay porn producers in the world. Founded in 1993 by Slovak photographer George Duroy, it has offices in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest. Most of its actors are heterosexual. Johan Paulik, Lukas Ridgeston, Sebastian Bonnet, Kris Evans, Luke Hamill, Dolph Lambert, Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Adam Archuleta, Gino Mosca or Joel Birkin have been and are some of their best known actors. Bel Ami has achieved throughout its history numerous nominations and prizes, among them, the XBIZ Awards.

David Carrión

Lover of photography and everything that surrounds it.
A few years ago began to dedicate itself more seriously to this hobby and in particular to erotic photography

EXHIBITION in SEB2017: The Dark Side