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From multiple artistic styles, this is a space to explore other ways of feeling, enjoying and living the sex beyond the physical and carnal. The art. Erotic, and obviously ethical. Here is where The Arctic Section is born.

That is why all the artists here contemplate multiple sexualities and diversity LGTBIQ +, their works are born from a feminist perspective and woman empowerment to reach this change, as well as the deconstruction of the gender roles, to break stereotypes, to visualize bodies out of the normality, among others.

A meeting point where all of us can feel represented.

Milo Manara is the pseudonym that the Italian artist Maurillo Manara uses to sign his works. He published his first comic book while he was studying architecture in Venice, the city of Hugo Pratt, with whom he would end up working in 1983 in Indian Summer and later in The Gaucho. It was in that same year that he achieved worldwide fame as an author of erotic comic books with El clic, a masterpiece that was followed by several sequels and adapted to theatre and real image cinema. From there, his career continued to grow thanks to other titles such as The Perfume of the Invisible and The Art of the Scourge, and today he is considered the master of erotic comics and one of the great authors of the ninth art worldwide.
Manara created her own ideal of feminine beauty, the Manara girls: women with slender figures, long hair and an unmistakable look, sensual and provocative, but with a certain innocent air, who managed to seduce several generations of readers.
Norma Editorial has published much of her work in Spain and is now re-publishing her classics in a new collection. This Barcelona label has prepared this exhibition of reproductions of some of his most significant drawings to pay tribute to the work and intention of one of the artists who has best known how to combat sexual taboos and prejudices.


Since the beginning of 2000 she has been a social communicator graduated from the National University of Rosario, Argentina. She is a communicator, journalist and street reporter in the city of Rosario, on TV and radio news.
For this reason, with the impulse and the new airs with the beginning of a master’s degree in gender and communication in Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona) she began to project the newspaper, a newspaper that ended up being called femiñetas.


The idea was in her head a long time ago: How to generate new ways of communicate “Lxs feminismxs” in clear, inclusive language that transcends the international, intersectional, language, age, race, culture barriers, territory, gender or religion?
For this reason, she believes that, in addition to the personal and collective routes through which comes through were coupled with a practice that still wants to transform: The Journalism. She thinks we have a lot to do as women, transgender, lesbian. And it generates passion and why not militancy to realize a dream, a change. in their daily emotional, social and political work within the journalistic work he has been doing for at least 15 years.

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Vaig iniciar els meus estudis d’il·lustració a l’escola Massana i els vaig acabar a l’Escola Serra i Abella.

Nombre de la expo: Monumentos eróticos

CONCEPTO: Fusión de la belleza arquitectónica con la belleza que tiene implícito el deseo sexual.




Guillermo Garrido Ramos is an artist with the pseudonym Cao Kaal, born 31/08/1997 in Xàtiva, Valencia. At the age of 9 he was diagnosed with an immune disease, alopecia areata. This fact marked his childhood and adolescence, as it aggravated the bullying he suffered, as well as causing him problems with himself that led to a depressive period that led to a food situation and aggravated by the search to understand his sexuality and identity. At the end of his adolescence, he was able to get out of this depression and the food problems thanks to psychologists, and mainly to art, which gave him a way of expressing himself and freeing himself from the world that had made him feel a defect for so long, a stranger


Promiscŭus, which in Latin means promiscuity, is a homo-erotic project. Based on the decontextualization of homosexual pornographic scenes; from this decontextualization by means of technique, colors, and his own vision, I submit these images to a subjective filter that transforms them from something grotesque and with hardly any substance, to an erotic delicacy full of appropriate feelings. On the other hand, there is the interest in breaking with this taboo that falls on sex itself, especially homosexual sex.




She started her own artistic modeling and bodypositive in 2016 to claim for social networks the non-regulatory bodies of women, now a year ago she collaborates with other artists to create photographs or other content with a social background and / or claim. He writes intimate and vindictive poetry in his blog and Instagram, which complement photography. He has also written a collection of poems that will be published in digital format at the end of September. For more than two years she has been an intersectional feminist activist with other struggles such as the LGTB, class struggle, anti-speciesist. . .



The Blue Dahlia es una identidad artística que surgió hace poco más de un año, en el que halló un confort, poder, belleza y mensaje y lucha política en el desnudo femenino, que quería compartir con el mundo desde su humilde punto de vista. Ahora mismo el proyecto trata de englobar el body positive, la diversidad, la sexualidad y el movimiento queer, buscándole la estética a la identidad. Trata de trabajar de forma muy personal con les modelos, de manera que el resultado quede en un 50%/50% en el que ellos hayan puesto su esencia y su propio mensaje personal -y político- y ella su propia visión a través de la lente.



TITLE: “Intimä: Piel al descubierto”

CONCEPT: The photographic work seeks to reflect the story of a woman who discovers herself after a social and internal repression, reflecting the love for herself and making visible the female sexuality.

Qviron Lethebain, spanish artist of hungarian origin, is born in november of 1982, being hosted by a family of musicians and dancers. His studies are focused from the beginning to arts and humanities, being trained on classical greek and latin, drawing and painting, scenic arts, eastern dance, art direction, scenic costumes and photography. In this field, he can put together and practice all that learned knowledges, by creating images that could express his personal icnonography, to fill the gaps of an inner world that finds no reflections in the outside.
Between his diverse inspirational references, he can´t forget Gustave Moreau, Gustav Klimt, Wilhelm Von Gloeden, Charles Baudelaire, Harry Clarke, Derek Jarman or Ken Russell. His first self developed photographic production, “The Court of Herod”, approach the themes and characters of Oscar Wilde´s play “Salome”, recreating a dark and decadent world of exoticism and low passions, where nudes and baroque ornamentation are strongly present. Starting from this series, he develops a visual style focused on male portrait and nude, exploring the different nuances of male figure, and wanting to give it back to the artistic status and technical quality that it deserved in the past, rescuing male nude from this moment, so saturated by fast consumption images, generated by technological invasion. Qviron Lethebain admires in all nudes the beauty that they keep inside, apart from the explicit content they could have, dissolving the traditional line between arts and erotica.

Since 2016, Qviron Lethebain has showed his work in “Modern Arts Center” of Madrid, Palace of “La Isla” in Cáceres, “El Puente” Association in Vallecas (Madrid), and Culture Center “Los Castillos” of Alcorcón (Madrid), being reviewed in media like “The Advocate” or “”.


Have you ever considered dressing up with someone else’s nipple? Or wearing your nipple on the outside of your clothes? What do you think about nipple swapping? I mean, would you wear someone else’s nipple over your head? Do you consider that you have seen many nipples in your life? Would you know how to identify yourself in the middle of a crowd?

Brooch is a work with which the artist wants to make our insecurities, our bad smells and shame fashionable, empowering those selected from this intimate and sexual fragility with which we will turn our complexes into art.
And you, would you like to show off your nipple?

Visual creator born in Moià, currently living in Barcelona, she moves along the threshold that separates graphic creation and drawing.

Going through the fusion of these two disciplines, he always tries to preach a critical discourse with his environment and the system that promotes it, turning graphic art into a method of action and direct reaction, with a conceptual background nourished from the root and from his own personal origin: dealing with real causes, without distinguishing between political and everyday problems.

IG: @kerrature