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The Barcelona Erotic Show is a world reference in erotica and sex. From a standing point of freedom, responsibility and equality.

Without sex ed

How did you learn sex? Did you ever ask yourself that? Take a look at your past. How much of what you know about sex comes from porn?

Maybe it would not be that much if we did have a comprehensive sex education. If we learnt that porn is fictional and sex in real life is very different.

But this is not the case. And on top of the lack of sex ed we have the fact that most of the porn we watch reflects clearly sexist attitudes.

The Barcelona Erotic Show is a meeting point for the adult entertainment industry, and we want it to be responsible as a reference for the industry. This is the reason why, after a deep process of re-thinking, we have decided to pursue a profound transformation. A change in the content shown at the SEB to adapt them to the ongoing social revolution in terms of gender and sexual and emotional education. This transformation has a goal: to walk towards a more responsible and egalitarian model, and also to push the porn industry forward in this social demand.

The evolution starts at the Barcelona Erotic Show 2018, with women as heads of all creative areas and a new set of rules to make the change apparent in every corner of the Show.

Now it's our turn to lead

The ongoing social revolution towards new relationship models, gender perspectives and sexual orientations is not only necessary, but unstoppable. And we at the SEB want to actively back it. This is why this year we launch a new SEB model, with some deep structural changes to make it more ethical, egalitarian, diverse and representative.

First and foremost, all creative areas of the show will be directed by women with a feminist gaze and prominent examples of each of their expertise areas. The will overview and develop all the activities inside the venue:

· Yaiza Redlights, spokesperson for the SEB. Influencer and entrepreneur, her voice reaches hundreds of thousands followers through her Youtube and Instagram channels.

· Silvia Rubí, artistic direction. With a solid career as a porn artist, she’ll coordinate all the live performances.

· Cristina Almirall, with a great experience in the art world, directs the art area: Ártico (arte-erótico-ético / art-erotics-ethics)

· Montse Iserte, psychologist and sexologist, is the education director, ensuring the quality of all the formative and informative activities.

· Claudia Simón, economist and responsible for the coordination of all areas at the SEB.

This structural changes will be reflected in an evolution in the offer at the Show, linking it to the ongoing social revolution and sex and emotional education, so necessary in our society, yet so absent.

At the live performance stages the shows will be carefully designed to avoid classical gender roles, objectification and harmful gender stereotypes. To achieve this, the Show will put several new rules in place, like a higher standard for quality in the live shows, avoiding wardrobe choices and roles that reproduce sexist roles. It will also be necessary to actively show consensus between the artists on stage, to highlight crucial aspects like consent and mutuality in all sexual practices.

The SEB will also put the demand for a comprehensive sex education on the spotlight. This thought will be present with three areas revolving around sexual and affective divulgation: two sex classrooms (directed by Montse Iserte and Lara Castro) and one of the big new releases for this year: the Toca-toca (Touch-touch) area, directed by Noemi Casquet, journalist.

At the SEB we believe that sexual freedom goes necessarily hand-to-hand with mutual respect, information, education and responsibility. This is the reason why we start this new era, knowing it is a long but necessary pathway to walk, with all the strength to see it through and the will to build a new model, better for everyone.


EnClaveGay is the gay and bisex area of the Barcelona Erotic Show. The stage will host many porn shows (fistings included) and pole dance shows with your favorite porn models. The zone also will have different stands, art exhibition, conferences, castings, gang bangs, bukkakes, movie theatre, massages, etc.

EnClaveGay is a meeting point for gay and bisex industry professionals and launch of new porn models.

From 4th to 7th of october we will be waiting for you at the most important erotic event in Europe.

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