Barcelona Erotic Show

The Barcelona Erotic Show (SEB) is the world reference event of sex and eroticism. An event where we understand sex as something positive and in which we fight against any type of discrimination for issues related to the sexuality of people.

The SEB understands and promotes the industry for adults, as an ethical industry that respects all sexual sensitivities and genders, and that does not promote degrading sexual attitudes towards any type of person or gender.

The different contest proposes dozens of different activities so you can choose the ones you most like and spend hours of fun. An event where a playful, cultural, informative, formative and commercial offer is combined. A unique opportunity to experience the party of the eroticism in a city, Barcelona, which has always been a pioneer in the fight for free and responsible sex.

In addition, the Barcelona Erotic Show offers you the possibility to see and meet the best professionals in the sex sector in our country and internationally, as well as enjoy the offer of the most important companies in the sector.

The Barcelona Erotic Show is also a meeting point for erotic professionals in Spain.


EnClaveGay is the gay and bisex area of the Barcelona Erotic Show. The stage will host many porn shows (fistings included) and pole dance shows with your favorite porn models. The zone also will have different stands, art exhibition, conferences, castings, gang bangs, bukkakes, movie theatre, massages, etc.

EnClaveGay is a meeting point for gay and bisex industry professionals and launch of new porn models.

From 4th to 7th of october we will be waiting for you at the most important erotic event in Europe.

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