Food Trucks

Be prepared to enjoy the fun and casual food trucks.

You may be vegetarians, vegans or carnivores, anyway, the food trucks staying in the Barcelona Erotic Show offer a wide and innovative cuisine that will not go unnoticed to anyone.

For example, do you like the pizza made with love and traditional way? Then your site will be the Cafe Racer food truck, possibly you saw in the TV show “Chefs al Volante” in RTVE. There you can order some pizzas made with natural ingredients and cooked in the oven. Perhaps you are more for spicy food? Here you can indulge your palate in the Violetero Gourmet, the food truck that offers traditional flavors of Mexico with a Mediterranean touch. Oh, is that what you want is meat? Go and eat a rich roast the best Argentine style Estilo Campo, or a “cool” version sausage sandwich in the food truck Lady Buty. But if you are more than vegetables and keep a light stomach, your truck is the Tecavan, specializing in vegetarian and vegan products. And if you see a fuchsia caravan, you can find healthy fast food inspired by Italian piadina with natural ingredients.

Come on, even if it is the Erotic Show do not want anyone to stay with empty mouth!