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With the cooperation of the actress Amarna Miller’s spot Erotic Show Barcelona for editing 2016 illustrated with several pictures meticulously crafted visual and conceptual level the many faces of hypocrisy in this country, the contradictions in which we are immersed without even realizing (or other …). Double standards and lack of scruples amok in the homeland.


Organized and directed by Carlos Resa, the stage will host many gay porn numbers, interrelated trios between two actors and an actress, quartets interrelated between two actors and two actresses, fistings and pole dance. The area also will have different stands with many porn producers, art exhibition, castings, bukakes, massages, etc.

Among the objectives of EnClaveGay include:

  • Be a meeting point for industry professionals
  • Promote adult entertainment sector
  • Launching new artists
  • Have a good time

From 6 to 9 October come to enjoy and participate in the gay and bisexual erotic event most important in Europe.


Carlos Resa
EnClaveGay director


Official poster
EnClaveGay 2016

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